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we went to Venice beach. It was our last trip to discover the LA class. Everyone had a perfect time together. We visited the canals, there was a beautiful and calm place. The water was immaculate, we can saw the bottom of the river. Many ducks were swimming in the pool, the sunshine was also very great, which made me felt relaxed. 

the canals
After that we went to the muscle beach where many people were doing exercise, we had a pull-up race too. There were famous about the bodybuilding business. There are many weightlifting and fitness shops in the area. Arnold Schwarzenegger and many other famous bodybuilders and actors train here.

the bodybuilding equipment
Next, we saw the skateboard area. There were many youths, and they were really doing an excellent job on the skateboard. We met a cute dog which cames with the owner. It was gentle and could shake paw with us, which was very interesting.

dog wacths the skateboard
Due to it was the last time, we decided to hang out to the Santa manic and see the sunset.Everyone took the Ferris wheel together, I think I will never forget the fantastic view on the Ferris Wheel with your guys, see you in the future.

sunset on the  Ferris wheel

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