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Discover L.A. - The American Language Center (ALC) - UCLA Extension

You will see many styles of sculpture in UCLA's sculpture garden. These styles can be grouped into three main categories; realist, impressionist and abstract.

In this photo the sculpture of the woman in the foreground looks very much like an actual person; it is realistic. The sculpture to the far left looks somewhat like a horse but doesn't have the details of the actual animal. The sculpture's style is impressionistbecause it gives us the impression, the suggestion or idea, of something real. Just to the right of the horse is a shiny silver sculpture composed of simple geometric shapes. It's hard to know what this sculpture is or what it represents, so it is very abstract.


1.By yourself, roam through the sculpture garden and find a sculpture you like for each of the three styles; abstract, impressionist and realist.

Record a video using CLIPS App

2. Explain  why you like each sculpture, expressing your ideas clearly, using correct and full sentences.

3. Each student must choose 2 sculptures.  Record  a 60 second video\ of yourself at  the TWO  sculptures introducing yourself and then the sculpture;  title, date and artist. Explain to the audience what style of sculpture it is; Realist, impressionist or abstract  and what you like about the sculpture, what material it's made of and its most attractive features.

4. Listen back to your video: 

A) Make sure the sound of your voice on your video is loud and clear!

B) Make sure there not too many mistakes or  breaks in your speech.

C) If the speaking is poor or unclear or hard to hear , you must do it again and make it better. 

5. Next go to your 2nd sculpture and record another video.

6. Later tonight, Upload each video to  r on the Videos page.





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