Discover L.A.

Discover L.A. - The American Language Center (ALC) - UCLA Extension

After the Presentation by the docents in the Sculpture Garden

  1. (By yourself) find a sculpture you really like or really dislike.
  2. Study the sculpture from near & far and from different angles.
  3. Write notes for yourself in your phone answering 3(a - e)
    1. The title of the sculpture and what it’s made of.
    2. Tell us why you chose this particular sculpture.
    3. Is it Realist, impressionist or abstract?
      1. Explain what aspects of this sculpture makes it R. I. or A.
    4. Tell us what you like/or hate about this sculpture
    5. Tell us what the message is the artist is trying to convey with this sculpture.

4.Using CLIPS with Captioning ON;

  1. Shoot a 1 minute selfie narrative video
  2. Use your notes, speak directly into your mic
  3. the show the sculpture behind you
  4. Explain your answers for #3 (a –e)

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