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Write a personal 5 paragraph reflective narrative blog about your visit to The Getty

 Write about the different parts of the complex you visited, write about your tour, write about the people you talked to,  write about the process and how you felt and your overall impression of The Getty. Include at least 3 photos. (Reduce the photos to medium size)

Do not number or answer the topics one by write like you are telling a story.

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Hi, everybody! Here’s Ray, I’m going to talk about the experience in the Getty Center.

It was lucky for us to go there on a sunny day, we took the orange bus #743 to the foot of the hill, a friendly lady told me the Getty Center is just on the top of the hill. Then we got off the bus and waited for the tram. It was still an enjoyable part to take the tram where we could get good views of the city, it is amazing to watch the car driving on the highways at a high place. The tourists who come from Hong Kong on the tram were so kind that we took a photo together and shared our visiting plans with each other.

As I want to learn more about the Getty Center, my friends and l attended two different tours guided by a professional guider. The architecture tour went first, the guilder said the man who named Getty became a millionaire when he was 23 years old because of the discovery of petrol, then he has the power to collect and appreciate the arts. They hired a professor named Richard Mayer, he devoted himself building the museum as a landmark in LA. He tried his best to make the tourists feel relaxed and comfortable at any time. The stone he used are from Italy, which make the gate and the wall look magnificent and old. The blocks were not allowed to be too tall, so it has many buildings to exhibit the collections.


Then comes the garden, that’s my favorite part. The garden has a river wandering into a pond, the path is winding and thin. Richard had elected some kinds of flowers from hundreds of plants all around the world. The different kinds of colorful flower need to make sure that people won’t select special season to come here, they can find different views in four seasons.

At last, I didn’t have much time to visit all the arts for we had limited time. I saw some paintings, sculptures, silver cookers there, it is so amazing to find that private people use such pretty things in their daily life. If I have another chance to visit there, I’ll spend all the time appreciating these beautiful arts!


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