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Mark's class: Talk about three things you learned about.......

Hollywood from the tour. Also, what was your favorite field trip and why? (Venice Beach, The Getty, Museum Row, Beverly Hills, Hollywood)

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Before the tour, I didn't know about Hollywood's information clearly. For example, I didn't know about Gene Autry and the fact that he won 5 stars at the walk of fame. He might be famous in the USA, but in Japan, he isn't so famous. In addition, I didn't know about the Egyptian theater and its history. Furthermore, I learned that there are many people who tried to give us CD in Hollywood. In the Venice beach, I saw only once a time, but in Hollywood, I saw them many times.

All of tour was so excited for me. However, I think the Getty's tour is the best. Because, I like both the artworks and the garden. Therefor, I could enjoy so much at the Getty.

Hi Mark, I'd like to talk about Hollywood from the tour. First, I was surprised that there are a lot of foot and hands sign in front of Chinese theater. I almost didn't know whose signs of actors and actress. After that, I learned Hollywood has a long history. I think but Hollywood is a little poor security, it was so interesting place.

My favorite field trip is Venice Beach. There are a lot of people who are kind and friendly so it was easy to interview. As you know, Venice beach also have beautiful ocean view, beautiful sky and birds.I was so moved. People who stayed there were so relaxed. I'd like to visit there once again.

I took part in the Hollywood tour yesterday. Actually the tour guide Armond Kinard is an actor. He told that the most crowded season in Hollywood is summer. Yesterday was spring and weekday so there were not so many people. 

First, I went to the Chinese Theater. I was moved to see hand prints of Michael Jackson and Will Smith. Some of these are face prints!

I also saw the Hollywood sign on the mountain. It reads "HOLLYWOOD" but its originally version was "HOLLYWOODLAND". According to Kinard, it was changed because of aging.

The Walk of Fame also surprised me because there are more than 2000 stars in the street. Its lengths is about 5 km.

It was so fun to go to the Hollywood  but I wanted to catch a glimpse of Oscars.

My favorite field trip was Hollywood. I love to watch movies and I like to get souvenirs so it was interesting. I want to come there again anyway. 

      First of all, I thanked a tour guide in Hollywood. His knowledge on Hollywood and skill as a tour guide was so high. Thanks to him, I was able to know about Hollywood well, so I will talk about three things that I learned from the tour of Hollywood. Firstly, It's about the stairs near Chinese Theater. The shape is curving like S letter. This stands for the body of beautiful women. I was sure that this stairs looked like nice curves! Secondly, there are many shops in Hollywood, but on the day of Academy awards, they are closed. I heard that they can take a day off! Thirdly, in Egypt Theater a number of musical instruments used to be played. I saw some pictures of instruments like  organs, pianos. I learned the process of history in Hollywood!

      My favorite tour was Venice Beach. I like the atmosphere in the city and a little noisy, but good meaning! What is most, the view from Venice Beach is the best, especially the sunset. I cannot forget that beauty!


 I went to Hollywood yesterday in this class. I participated in a tour by Almond. His voice is very cool. It is very comfortable for me to listen his description about Hollywood history because his English is very clearly and easy, sometimes he played rhythmic voice percussion. I was so impressed by many hand prints and foot prints of a lot of celebrities in TCR. Because those were what celebrities had left by themselves years ago.

 If my friends ask me to recommend somewhere in Los Angeles, I talk about Venice Beach. It is the most favorite place that I went through field trips in class. Because you can see beautiful beach, and fell emotional mood. It is interesting to see many different people. For example, people who play the guitar, street basketball, training their muscles, enjoy walking beach and so on. Also, you can take very nice pictures. 

My favorite field is Venice beach because I like beach,hot weather and some kind of music.At First,there are many crazy people in Venice and some of them were screaming out and dancing and playing guitar and riding skateboard  and so on.The reason I like these is that I like crazy things.I like to see strange thing like above.So this experience is very interesting for me.For now,I pick up Venice for my favorite,but I also went to other place in this class and I think all of them are also nice.In summary,I really enjoy Mark's class and also glad to choose it.I appreciate you,Mark!!!! I hope I'll see you again.

Yesterday, I went Hollywood. I was impressed a lot of things there. First, many footprints of celebrities. Actually, one of my favorite movies is "Twilight saga" so I was so happy to see their signs and footprints. 

Second, El Capitan Theatre. Because I really love Disney movie. I hope this theater come to Japan.

Finally, Graumans Egyptian theatre. I didn't know it, but the atmosphere was so nice. When I sit on a seat, I could feel relax.

In "Discover LA", I visited many places. Especially, Hollywood was my best trip. Thank you very much Mark! Byebye Ya!

Yesterday, I went to Hollywood and joined Hollywood tour. This tour was so excited because we could walk famous places. For example, chinese  theater, souvenir shop, egiptian theater and so on. And I learned from 3 things from Hollywood tour.

First, Hollywood area was dangerous. There has a lot of dangerous people and entertainer. Entertainer wasn't so dangerous. But, people who forced to sale CO to visitors. I felt so scary about them.

Second, I learned history of Hollywood. Hollywood has many histories because many famous actor visited Hollywood and appeared famous movies. I could know the background of some famous movies. 

Third, I enjoyed tout guide man. He was so interesting and so kind. I think he has proud of his job. And he has sense of entertainment. I was fascinated his voice and smile. If I could go Hollyood again,I would like to join his tour.

And at last, my favorite tour in Discover la class is "Venice Beach". Because there has a lot of interesting shops. For example, some ice cream shops and penny shop. Moreover sea was so beautiful. I was so fun to see many rare something. It was really good time.

 I can't hear anything from our guide, because My headphone was broken. Though the tour, I saw Chinese Theater, Hollywood Highland, Hollywood sign, walk of fame, and Egyptian Theater. First, I saw Marilyn Monroe's handprints. That was smaller than my ones. Seconds, in the past, Hollywood sign was not a character of Hollywood. It was "Hollywood Land". I was surprised to hear that. Third, I visited Grauman Egyptian. It is old but famous theater. I was surprised that the building was so old but still beautiful.  

My favorite field trip was Venice Beach. I like there busy and loudly atmosphere. The people was so crazy but interesting. The beach was continuing everywhere, and it was so beautiful.

I really enjoyed Hollywood tour! Tour guide was a very nice guy and he spoke slowly and clearly as we could understand what he was saying. He explanation was also really good. That was memorable and unforgettable. 

Actually, Venice Beach tour was the best for me. This is because I've never seen such a long and beautiful beaches in Japan. And, there are a lot of interesting shops, there are so many performers like guitarists, skateboarders, dancers, and singers.  All of these experiences are exciting for me, I will not forget about this tour. Of course, other tours were also awesome, but for me, Venice Beach tour is the best. Thank you Mark! This is meaningful, enjoyable, memorable, interesting, unforgettable class for me! I really enjoyed LA life, but I cannot stay here more than a month, it is a bit sad. I'd like to stay here longer!!

Yesterday,I went to Hollywood and I took tour there.From this tour,I learned many things and Especially,I really impressed by the history of the Egyptian Theatre.The guide said when he came here for the first time,he was 5 years old.It means This theater holds many people's memories in it.I was very moved by this fact.

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