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You did such a great job talking to passengers on the Green Bus!! So loose and comfortable! I hope that prepared you for some more interviews at the beach with your group.

1) Talk about who you talked to on the beach and the bus.

2) Compare and contrast the atmosphere, the vibe of the canals and the boardwalk. What were your impressions? How did each make you feel?

3) Upload your Venice Beach pictures. 

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I talked with a man who is from France on the bus. He used to practice "Judo", which is a kind of Japanese famous, traditional wrestling. And also, I talked with a women who is from Mexico. At Venice Beach, I talked with Austrian couple who visit there for the first time. When I saw the canals, I feel comfortable because it was a quiet and beautiful. But, at the beach, it turned to be energetic and crowded place. There are a lot of people playing some sports or training at the beach. But, I felt the scenery is also good. I feel like " I wish I could be there forever!" 

Last Friday,we went to Venice Beach.On my way there,I interviewed some people on the green bus and one of the man,his name is tom,  kindly answer my question.After that,I arrived at Venice Beach and then,I also interviewed Austrian couple.They seemed to come there to play with their children.

I think the atmosphere in canals was very peaceful .On the other hand,I think the atmosphere of boardwalk was little crazy because there were the people who were singing loudly and running so fast by their skateboard etc...

these kind of scene were so unique that I was very interested in them.


     I talked with some people on the bus, heading for Venice Beach. One of them was an old man and he's a musician with a guitar. On weekends, his band plays some songs on Venice Beach, so I have to go to see them! After I got to Venice Beach, we interviewed one family on the lawn. They are from Austria and got there for their children. In Austria, there is a famous pianist. She is Kyoko. Anyway, I thanked them and meeting. 

     As soon as I got off the bus, I found something like rives. I couldn't believe this was that canal  because I imagined a lot large canal, but the real was so small and shallow. We walked near the canal and saw many unique houses that had beautiful garden or statue. I was so excited and stopped to take some pictures. These pictures and memory about Venice Beach or the canal are my treasures!



 On the bus, I talked with Rob who study at UCLA and major film program  and on the beach, I talked with a woman who loves her dog and ocean.(sorry, I forgot her name...) They are so kind and friendly. So I can enjoy our conversation and feel happy.

 The canal is shallow and narrow. I guess the water is salt water because I smelled salt flavor from the canal. There are many colorful and various style's houses beside the canals. Many plants are growing. For example a lot of cacti, banana tree, palm tree and so on. Ducks swims graciously on the canal. It is comfortable for me to walk aside canals. It seemed as if I was in a beautiful picture! I spend wonderful time in there. I want to go there during vacation because I like relaxing atmosphere in that place.

1. Firstly I talked with Indian man in the bus. He learns about machine in UCLA. He likes LA, because its weather is always nice and its temperature is comfortable than south India. He recommended me to visit Hollywood and Malibu beach. He was a nice guy, because He was a polite and he told me nice Indian food restaurant. After this, I talked with Austrian couple on the beach. They came Venice beach for their children They recommend to visit Hollywood, Malibu beach and Griffith observatory. They were nice people too.

2. It was very peaceful atmosphere at canals. I could relax at there. However, the boardwalk was crowded and very bustling. I like both, but I prefer canals than the boardwalk.   


1) I talked with a woman who lives in Los Angeles. She was just going home and answered my questions very kindly. She is interested in Japan and told that she want to go there someday, so I'm really glad to hear that. I asked her the place which we can eat delicious foods in LA, then she answered that she likes soul foods. She gave me information about shops which serve nice soul foods. According to her, there are many soul foods restaurants around Venice Beach. So, I want to try them someday. Another person I asked was the man who has bring his skate board to skate park in Venice Beach. His name is Habiel. The news which surprised me is her sister's baby. She just gave birth and sound very busy, so he looks very happy.  I was also really happy to see the pictures of baby.

2) I felt the vibe of the canals is very quiet than boardwalk. I was surprised at the houses build around the canals because they are so cute and colorful. Although I learned that those houses are very expensive, the people who lived there were very kind. In the canals, I saw a lot of cacti. It makes the atmosphere more different than beach side. In the beach, we have seen many young people. They play basketball, skate board and cycling. There are many shops and I ate ice cream there. The ice cream was very good and atmosphere of the sunset suits very much.   

1)First, I talked with old woman, Robin. She live in West Los Angels. She was going to do job research, and after that, she was going to go shopping. Her job is business reporter. Her favorite place in Los Angels is Malibu and beach. Second, I talked with Vanni , from Mexico. She came to America, because she have to work to raise her children. She live in near venice beach. She moved to Los Angels in some month. She said people in America are very kind and helpful.

 2)The air of the canals are very mild. Houses are quiet and elegance, and I think rich old people live in there. I found some cacti and ducks. The houses are very colorful, and they looked like European style. On the other hand, the boardwalk was filled with young vibrant people. They danced, singed songs, played guitar. Some of then played basketball, and the others played tennis. I found many souvenir shops and fast food shops. The atmosphere was so busy. I like both atmosphere.

I talk about interviews.

 First, I talked with an American man. He was born and grew up in New Jersey. He is a student at UCLA so he live in LA now. Next, I talked with a French man. I was born in Paris. His job is CEO of fashion company. Finally I talked with an American.He is from Michigan. His dream is a You tuber.I think everyone was so nice guy!!

When I went to Venice beach and watched ocean view, I was so surprised how beautiful it was. I think the canals was like Europe, it was calm and comfortable. On the other hand, it was exciting for me to walk on the boardwalk.I think everyone was freedom and exciting. Both of them was so great.

(1) I talked two person. First I talked woman who lives in near Venice Beach in la. Her name is Flora. And she is a mom. She've never beento japan and she images about Japan is high level technologies and clean. The reason that she took a green bus is she pick up her son. 

Second person is also woman and she is a UCLA student. She's from China. And her major is marketing.She recommended me Santa Monica beach because there is so beautiful and very popular place. And she've also never been to Japan bur she really wants to go Japan. I was so glad to hear that. 

(2) I impressioned that I've never been to Venice Beach and I've never seen to beautiful sea. so, I was moved. The Venice Beach is so beautiful and very nice place. I would like to go there again. For example, many people walked beach and talked some freinds, lover, and children. The atmosphere is so peaceful. If I go to Venice Beach I want to do surfing.

1) I asked a man sitting next to me. According to my interview, he was born in New York City and moved to LA for work. He creates TV shows at the TV production company. 

I asked questions about not only LA, but also Japan. He's been to Tokyo before. He said it was very interesting to him. 

His favorite place in LA was Hollywood.He enjoys going hiking in Runyon Canyon and walking around there. 

He was kind of me to talk with me slowly and clearly.

When I arrived at the Venice Beach, I asked a woman sitting beside the beach. She was born in Utah and moved to LA to teach at UCLA. Her major field was political science. She likes Japan ,too.

2)There were a lot of small and colorful houses. The ground was dried up so there were various kinds of cacti, banana trees, and palm trees.The quality of water was high enough to reflect the houses.

There were a lot of crazy people in Venice Beach.I was so interesting.

Last Friday, we went to the Venice Beach. On the bus to the beach, I talked to a man who worked in the tourism. He was very friendly. He told me that he lived in LA, and he worked in New York as a tour guide. During the conversation with him, I was just a little nervous so I couldn't express myself well. Later when we got off the bus, we took a walk on the boardwalk along the canal. There were many kinds of houses along the canal. Some were quaint, and some were modern. The same feature of them were that they all looked beautiful. And I thought living along the canal was such a relaxing and wonderful thing. Then we arrived at the Venice Beach. The sun shone and the sea looked sparkling. There were many people around the beach. Some were tourists just like us, some were sportsman exercising on the sports ground, and some were merchants selling souvenirs and food. On the Venice Beach, I interviewed a person who came to LA for business. He said when he just passed by the beach, he found that this beach was very beautiful. So he came to lying on the beach and enjoyed the sunshine. "This is a very good place to relax", he said.  What an attractive place the Venice Beach was!

Great that you talked to TWO passengers! Wonderful variety, huh? One from France, one from Mexico.

Judo! I haven't thought about that for years!


...a woman ....I talked with an Austrian couple....turned out to be...

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